Ceiling & Floor Systems Universal Mounted
Rated Capacities: 18k / 24k / 36k Up to 16-SEER
HFI 8-Zone Mix & Match Flex Inverter System
HFI Flexibility - 39k up to 62k BTU
Multi-Zone Inverter Systems (HFI Compatible)
Dual, Tri & Quad Zone Mix & Match Range: 18k / 24k / 36k BTU
Ceiling Cassette Systems
Range: 17,800 ~ 42,700 BTU
Wall Mounted 12RL2
Inverter Mini Split Unit 12k BTU 16-SEER (115v)
Wall Mounted Hi-SEER 24RLXFW
Inverter Mini Split 24k BTU 18-SEER
Wall Mounted Hi-SEER 18RLXFW
Inverter Split Unit 18k BTU 19.2-SEER
Wall Mounted Hi-SEER 12RLFW
Inverter Split Unit 22k BTU 22-SEER
Wall Mounted Hi-SEER 9RLFW
Inverter Mini Split Unit 9k BTU 23-SEER
Wall Mounted 36CLX1
Inverter Split Unit 36k BTU 15.5-SEER
Wall Mounted 30CLX1
Inverter Split Unit 30k BTU 16.5-SEER
Wall Mounted 24CL1
Inverter Split Unit 24k BTU 17.5-SEER
Wall Mounted 18CL
Inverter Split Unit 18k BTU 19-SEER
Wall Mounted Hi-SEER 15RLS2
Inverter Split Unit 15k BTU 21.5-SEER
Wall Mounted Hi-SEER 12RLS2
Inverter Mini Split Unit 12k BTU 25-SEER
Wall Mounted Hi-SEER 9RLS2
Wall Mounted Hi-SEER 9RLS2